We at East Coast Warehouse & Fulfillment are pleased to provide our customers with CustomerOnline. Our web-portal that we created to give customers 24/7 access to the transaction history, reporting features, as well as real-time inventory levels.

Order History

On this screen, you can view your history from the beginning of your time with us, to right this second. Everything from what was shipped, where it went, and the tracking number generated for the order, are all provided at the click of a button. You can even search your history for a specific consignee, transaction number, or even a SKU.

Backorder Management

From here, you can view your past and existing backorders. If an order hasn't yet come out of our backorder system, you can check the order details to find out why. It will explain to you which item(s) on your order are causing it to remaining in backorders. From here, you can fix addresses, fix incorrect SKUs, or even change the quantity of a detail line to allow the order to process normally.

Inventory Management

On this screen, you can check and confirm your inventory levels. If you'd like, we can also set alerts to warn you when your inventory is getting low.


From here, you can run reports we've created to help summarize or detail your history in a more exportable format. Also, if you've requested a custom report, you can find those here as well.

Place Order

If you prefer to go without full integration, this screen will be how you will be placing your orders. You can choose which items go in the order, and you can even created an order for backorders as well. Once the inventory arrives and is received into our warehouse, the order will automatically process and be ready for picking.

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Our Mission

The primary mission of East Coast is to position ourselves as a true strategic partner with our customers, by affording the "convenience" of cost effective, outsource solutions for your logistical and distribution requirements.

We will provide friendly, prompt, flexible and courteous service; and, our employees will perform their responsibilities with integrity, ethics, teamwork and mutual respect.

We will extend the benefits of our corporate culture to our customers, and remain focused on our responsibilities to the community as well as the environment. We will also remain cognizant of our role as responsible corporate citizens.

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