Kitting & Assembly

East Coast Warehouse & Fulfillment has combined the convenience of warehouse and fulfillment with kitting, assembly, packing, production, mailing, printing, binding, and many additional services. We take pride in the continuity of customer satisfaction and the quality of our work.

Benefits of Kitting & Assembly

According to the Applied Industrial Technologies White Paper, Kitting potentially provides a number of benefits:

  • Fewer purchase orders
  • Less stocked skus
  • Lower inventory carrying costs
  • Reduced space costs (maintenance, utilities, taxes, insurance)
  • etc.
Product Kitting

This would encompass pulling two (or more!) SKUs out of inventory, combining them into a single kit, and receiving them into inventory as a different orderable SKU. We can even set inventory thresholds so we always know when your kits are running low, and we can schedule them for replenishment.
Product Assembly

If you have items that come in as part, and need those parts put together before getting shipped out, we can do that. Could be as simple as screwing a custom backplate onto a item, or as complicated as installing software to your specs onto each computer system before shipping them.
Mass Application

If you need your product to have special labels added onto them before putting them into inventory, we can handle all of that for you. Everything from warnings, to simple barcodes to help track your inventory.
Product Inspection

You could have some very particular clients, or maybe your product had been sitting in a previous location before making it to us, and you'd like us to go through each piece to make sure it's up to your standards. That is not a problem! We'll alert you to any issues and the rest will go right into inventory.
Product Testing

If you're shipping things like electronics to customers, you may require that each part is tested and confirmed to be in operating condition before we ship them. You can provide us with a checklist of tests to run, and we'll make sure everything is in working condition before your clients ever receive it.

Contact us today and experience how East Coast Warehouse & Fulfillment can help with all of your assembly needs!

Our Partners

Our Mission

The primary mission of East Coast is to position ourselves as a true strategic partner with our customers, by affording the "convenience" of cost effective, outsource solutions for your logistical and distribution requirements.

We will provide friendly, prompt, flexible and courteous service; and, our employees will perform their responsibilities with integrity, ethics, teamwork and mutual respect.

We will extend the benefits of our corporate culture to our customers, and remain focused on our responsibilities to the community as well as the environment. We will also remain cognizant of our role as responsible corporate citizens.

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